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Margot Farley is proud and honored to be involved with this beautiful film. She has twice been named Best Actress for her role as Alexia in “God’s Ears”. ReelHeART International Film Festival and the Action on Film International Film Festival presented these awards. Margot is a film and television actress best known for her role as Jenn in JJ Abrams’ “Cloverfield”. She has also worked with acclaimed director David Mamet on his television series “The Unit” as well as the feature film “Spartan”. Margot’s love for acting is surpassed only by her love for her family. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.
(Dr. Jeffus)
Mitzi Kapture Donahue is known for her long standing work in the hit series Silk Stalkings and Baywatch but has built an impressive resume of work in the independent film world. This is her second pairing with Worth after the indi comedy The Storytellers.
Karen Kim's family moved to United States back in the sixties from Seoul, Korea. Karen's father (who currently owns many car dealerships in Los Angeles area) and her mother, former Miss Korea (who owns a successful beauty salon) has always been supportive of her modeling and acting career. Karen and Worth also appeared in US SEALS 2 and Killing Cupid together.
(Lee Robinson)
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 Winner of the Golden Globe Award for his standout role with Marlon Brando in The Appaloosa, Saxon has built a career on versatile character based roles that range from Joe Kidd with Clint Eastwood to Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee. Saxon has won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance as Lee Robinson in God's Ears at both The Methodfest Film Festival and The Las Vegas International Film Festival.
(Uncle Steve)
Tim Thomerson rates highly as one of the best, most prolific, versatile and dependable character actors to ever grace both the big and small screens alike with pleasing regularity since the mid 70s. Although often cast as laconic rough 'n' tumble macho guys, Thomerson has proved on many occasions that he can essay comic roles and more substantial dramatic parts with equal skill and conviction.
This is 85 year old Lois Stewart's film debut
(Noah, director)
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Michael Worth started his filmmaking career at the young age of ten years old with a super 8mm camera and an old typewriter passed on by his mother. At seventeen he came to Los Angeles and started his acting career in bit parts and B movies before finally landing the role of Tommy on Acapulco HEAT TV series. His aspirations went full circle in 2002 as he began to write, produce and direct his own projects once again. God's Ears is his first feature film as director for which he has received Best Director as well as The Domani Vision Award For Emerging Talent in New York.
(director of photography)
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Neil has spent the last 18 years establishing himself as a successful cinematographer in the United States.

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With over 25 years experience producing, directing, acting, and marketing television, theatre, and film, Kassi Crews’ extensive training and unique qualifications gives any production added value.   She received her Bachelor of Arts with Honors from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1982 and her Master of Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton in 1984.  Cannon Films hired Ms. Crews for Director of Video Services shortly after her graduation.  In 1989, she had an opportunity to become Operations Manager for Sunset Post and then Video-It. By 1993, she was asked to become an Account Executive at Tell-A-Vision Post Production because of her extensive knowledge of producing, budgeting, and project managing.   In 1999, she closed Tell-A-Vision and built Digital Jungle Post Production as the Vice President of a high-end full service technical facility. www.digijungle.com   Since 1986, in addition to managing the above facilities, she has also created several different types of television and film projects as a producer, director, DI producer and post-production supervisor. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0187707/
(executive producers)
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The first film to be executive produced and financed entirely by Sixgold’s founders, Steve and Robbin Hayes, is God's Ears.

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Corey Allen Jackson has written music for over 40 projects. His work spans the gamut from animation to the thriller/horror genre. He is well-known for his collaborations with Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton. Their projects together include Tribeca selections Shut-Eye Hotel and Idiots and Angels, as well as Hair High, Guide Dog and The Fan and the Flower. He has also contributed to Spider-Man 2, Meet the Spartans, The Deal and Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.
(autism specialist)
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Kerry is a specialist working in the Los Angeles area for the past 19 years.


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